REICHLE & DE-MASSARI: Increased engagement and innovation power with the implementation of CoffeeNet 365


Reichle & De-Massari AG has been developing and producing cabling solutions for high-end communication networks since 1964. With high product quality and innovative, future-oriented system design, the company ensures future-proof networks and long-term investment security. R&M is the market leader in Switzerland and one of the top players in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

To replace the SharePoint intranet on site with a modern, user-friendly platform with improved social communication options and thus promote internal communication and commitment, R&M decided to implement the CoffeeNet 365 collaboration solution.

BÜHLER GROUP: Creating a future-oriented working environment for a digitally efficient organization


Bühler is an internationally active Swiss technology group. As a global company with 13,000 employees in 140 countries, Bühler needed a single platform for information, communication, and collaboration among its workforce and with external stakeholders.

MondayCoffee's cloud software, which intelligently combines Microsoft's most important technologies on a user-friendly and standardized platform, enabled the company to access, share and distribute all relevant information and knowledge - anywhere and anytime. Global teams can work more efficiently and improve collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers. Bühler has created a future-proof working environment for a digitally efficient organization.