The challenge

Teamwork must take place online today. Team members are rarely in the same place, working more often in the home office or on the road. Today's customers also expect to be able to access relevant information or documents from anywhere and at any time.

Our approach

We have developed an out-of-the-box collaboration software for Microsoft Cloud, which only needs to be installed on Microsoft Office 365. At the click of a mouse and without IT support, teams can organize their teamwork and manage projects with customers in an online workspace. They benefit from a structured and best-practice user interface. Access to documents and information is intuitive and fast, file sharing and editing files is simple and secure. The collaboration is no longer done via email, but online in a structured and user-friendly workspace.


That's how it works!


1. Organize teams by mouse click

An online workspace can be opened with the click of a mouse. Just enter the name, description of the workspace and add the members and you're ready to go. 

2. Benefit from best-practice templates

A workspace has a predefined structure and standard functions. This means that you don't waste any time to set it up, but can start working straight away.

3. Work efficiently in a team

Files can be uploaded by drag & drop, easily found by using an intelligent search engine and shared using Microsoft Online applications.