The challenge

Efficient and professional project management is in demand in every company: a project room has to be set up quickly and easily, members, whether internal or external, have to be added in a controlled and efficient manner and the exchange and editing of information and files has to take place securely and efficiently.

Our approach

With our SharePoint based project management software, projects can be professionally and fully managed on a proven user interface. IT support is not required. One click is all it takes, and the project manager has a fully functional project room at his disposal, which can be adapted independently as required, without the user losing orientation across his various project rooms.


That's how it works!

1. Ready-to-use project room

The online project room has a news section, task manager, structured document storage and more. The project manager gives access and determines who is allowed to see what. Teamwork and exchange with customers can be managed in on single place.

2. Managing projects anywhere

Project work can take place from anywhere and at any time. Project participants have access from all end devices, can work online on documents, inform themselves about the project status or post updates via an integrated chat function.

3. Access rights

If you also want to invite external users into certain workspaces, you can define which areas of the workspace are only accessible to internal and which ones to external members. File sharing is no longer done via FTP, but simply online.