The challenge

Real-time communication; publishing multimedia content; employer engagement or blogging and chatting for all - on one platform: expectations of modern communication are high. The communication behavior that we know from our private lives is increasingly being applied in companies as well. However, communications managers must also comply with corporate guidelines and the IT department's requirements when using new technologies.

Our approach

Communications managers can leverage our turnkey collaboration software for Microsoft Cloud for modern communication. Employee engagement is promoted through the daily use of the platform: access to corporate information, collaboration on projects, in teams or with external parties - and chat or blogging opportunities can be used company-wide or even in specific situations. The publication of multilingual company news (picture, text or video) on the same platform is easy and straight forward. Employees have a single-point of entry - independent of time and place - for everything they need for their daily work.


MondayCoffee_Modern Communication.png

That's how it works!

1. News on homepage

On the start page of our collaboration solution, employees can access the most important company information and news, create their own news feed and link to their own workspaces. 

2. Team communication

In work spaces for collaboration on projects or in workgroups, the responsible person decides whether he wants to use a blog, chat or a simple news publication for the exchange of information.

3. Powerful search

Our collaboration solution has a powerful search function. If employees enter a search term, the entire platform is searched for documents, persons, or communications (video, chats, etc.).

4. Controlled environment

Our solution is based on SharePoint and has an authorization concept that meets high standards. Authorized persons can access the platform at any time and regardless of the device.