Quick wins in your digital transformation

Many businesses today have numerous tasks that could be made more simple and seamless with the right business applications. While most organization have embarked on bigger transformation projects, there are countless quick wins in repetitive tasks or processes to be realized. By using what you already have in your Microsoft Office 365 ecosphere - Microsoft Business Apps.

Microsoft Business Apps

Microsoft has built many tools within Office 365 helping customers to transform their business processes. MondayCoffee helps clients deploy these technologies in innovative and functional ways. We accompany clients from concept, to solution architecture, to rollout and training. Let us look together for your quick win, deliver it, and make sure your organization can benefit immediatly.

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Distinguished expertise

As a Charter member in the Microsoft 365 Business Apps partner program MondayCoffee belongs to a select group of internationally selected partners using the latest Microsoft technologies and tools in an innovative and functional way to support customers unlock their digital potential.

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Companies have used Microsoft Business Apps to improve the following processes

  • Vacation request

  • Document or contract approval

  • Compliance request

  • Workspace installation with dynamic structures

  • Infield data gathering

  • Planning & execution of campaigns

  • Reporting of defects

Success stories