MondayCoffee launches collaboration solution for SMEs

Easy to install, simple to use and effective to work with

Zurich, July 5th, 2016 – MondayCoffee, an award-winning Swiss Microsoft Gold certified partner specializing in promoting effective collaboration practices, today announced the launch of EspressoNet 365, a ready-to-use collaboration and document management solution for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that uses Microsoft Office 365 technology to its full potential.

Inspired by the tools that we use in our personal lives, SMEs are faced with the challenge of keeping their infrastructure professional, reliable and cost-effective. 

MondayCoffee developed EspressoNet 365 to give SMEs the opportunity to play in the league of the larger companies when it comes to collaborating with their customers, suppliers or even amongst employees; yet for a reasonable price and with features relevant to their needs.

Leveraging the state-of-the-art Microsoft Office 365 technology, EspressoNet 365 combines collaboration and document management features that simplify work for professionals in just one tool, with a very clear design and proven structure. At the push of a button, users are able to share and co-author documents, tasks or notes with everyone else, in a controlled environment, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Right off the shelf

The adoption of EspressoNet 365 is simple, as it is based on Microsoft Office 365 technology. In addition to security and maintenance benefits, this also allows EspressoNet 365 to be cost effective, as businesses can keep their IT infrastructures within the Microsoft ecosystem. 

“EspressoNet 365 is installed in less than one hour and, thanks to EspressoNet’s intuitive user interface, employees can be trained remotely in no more than one day,” said Reto Meneghini, CEO MondayCoffee. “We have tested EspressoNet 365 with architects, headhunters and even with four employee start-ups, and the feedback was unanimous: combining the benefits of Microsoft technology with a simple, future-proof and ready-to-use interface, leads to an instant improvement in how to get business done.”

All-in-one, secure place

Order confirmations, proposals, bills; all relevant content can be stored in one place, easily accessed and co-edited by colleagues as well as shared with customers at any time – supported by the security of the proven Microsoft enterprise software and cloud infrastructure. Instead of sending emails, news can be published on the same tool, or via more interactive communication features such as blogs to keep everyone up to date. All the documents and information needed for keeping the business running are now right at everyone’s fingertips – whether on the laptop or tablet.  

“With our solution, SMEs get more value for their money. We are convinced that EspressoNet 365 can help every professional to simplify their way of working while enjoying the reliability and security of Microsoft technology,” stated Meneghini. 

“Based on Microsoft Office 365 technology, EspressoNet 365 enables our joint customers to benefit from the unique Microsoft value proposition by offering a simple yet comprehensive, ready-to-use collaboration solution,” said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft.

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