The challenge

In many companies, employees still spend too much time searching for documents, information or people. Today, knowledge and knowledge holders must be easily and quickly accessible. This requires that documents or communications are stored in an orderly manner and that employees can identify their skills. Sustainable knowledge management must be a central topic when using technologies for collaboration, communication or knowledge exchange.

Our approach

Based on more than 10 years of collaboration experience, we have developed a turnkey cloud software solution for enterprise-wide collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing. With each customer project, the requirements became clearer and a standard for the structure, functionalities and design of an ideal collaboration solution emerged. The software's structure takes into account the formal organizational structures of companies with their roles and responsibilities as well as the desired flexibility for effective collaboration and sustainable exchange of knowledge on projects, in working groups or meetings. Employees can access, edit and share any knowledge quickly and easily on one platform, regardless of time and location - so that it can be retrieved and utilized in the long term.


That's how it works!

1. Proven navigation and page structure

Collaboration, communication and knowledge exchange take place in an orderly manner in workspaces. There are workspaces for departments, products & services, projects, workgroups or meetings. This enables companies to digitally map their organization and allow the functional, cross-functional and individual work to take place online.

2. Working in online workspaces

In online workspaces, employees can store, share and edit documents with meta data, chat or blog with the team, and provide videos or images. Knowledge can be retrieved at any time on the platform à la Google. Thanks to the best-practice structure, employees can easily orient themselves without having to sacrifice flexibility.  

3. Integrated workflow management

Our software allows employees to exchange knowledge by mouse click and without IT support. At the same time, companies have the opportunity to integrate workflows to meet existing business processes. For example, for new products or services, companies can add a workflow behind the opening of a new workspace.