The challenge

Today's employees, partners and customers need to be able to access company-relevant information from anywhere in a simple and secure way: such as reading news on the go or posting news themselves, as well as sending, receiving and editing large files without IT support.

Our approach

Our SharePoint-based cloud collaboration software can be used as a future-proof intranet or extranet for teams, the entire workforce or customers and partners. Our solution is ready for immediate use and only needs to be configured and the best practice page structure (home page, site pages, document libraries, etc.) filled with content. 


That's how it works!

1. Intranet

In addition to Company News, employees can also set their own links to relevant pages or documents directly on the homepage. The cross-platform search function also helps them to find the information they need quickly and easily, and if necessary, the same platform can also be used for teamwork.

2. Extranet

With customers, suppliers or partners, a common workplace can be set up on the basis of Office 365: information and files are made available in a structured way, notes can be stored in a common online notebook, and files can be shared and edited in the same place and without IT support.

3. + Collaboration

Our SharePoint Cloud Intranet or Extranet not only serve as an information and communication platform, but can also be used for simple and effective online collaboration in teams, throughout the company or with external parties.