The challenge

Today's educational institutions such as schools or universities are struggling with the fact that they have barely any consistent system to support in communication and collaboration throughout. Information is often held and shared outside officially approved systems or storage media - because there is no alternative. Daily administration is often inefficient. Reliance on e-mail or simple central folders is not sufficient for the dynamic in a school's everyday life. How should the school serve as a role model in digitalization if it cannot apply it in its daily operations?

Our approach

With our out-of-the-box collaboration solution for Microsoft Office 365, everyday school life can be digitally mapped and lived. A start page for modern communication and easy navigation to the desired areas, as well as virtual rooms for the digital management of a classroom are the heart of the solution. The online platform can also be used for school administration at the same time. Departments, faculties, buildings and commissions can also make use of the virtual, predefined workspaces for communication and internal and external collaboration. Who is allowed to see and edit which data can be defined simply and according to the situation. By using Microsoft's proven Office 365 apps, such as OneNote and OnDrive, CoffeeNet 365 for Education creates a common platform for all internal and external parties of an educational institution.


That's how it works!

1. Start page

On the start page, all users can inform themselves about news, share information and access the collaboration rooms via a simple navigation. Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or internal blogs as well as other functionalities can also be integrated easily.

2. Classrooms

The page structure of the classrooms, with an intuitive overview and navigation to the corresponding courses and resources, is predefined, so that students and teachers can easily find their way around. If necessary, adjustments can be made easily and without IT knowledge.

3. Administration

The virtual rooms are also suitable for efficient collaboration and communication outside the classroom. The school administration can form working groups in a simple and controlled way and maintain the exchange with external stakeholders in a user-friendly environment.