The challenge

The workplace of the future is digital: employees want to access information, tools and services at any time and from any location via a central online working platform. The well-known intranet will be supplemented with elements for collaborative work and for the exchange of knowledge in real time. A further expansion stage is the connection of surrounding business applications. Many companies today face this complex task because digital transformation begins at the workplace.

Our approach

We accompany companies on their path to digital transformation with our out-of-the-box collaboration software for Microsoft Cloud and our consulting and implementation expertise. In doing so, we focus on the employee and simplify his or her daily work routine. We help companies reduce complexity and improve productivity.

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For employees

  • Employees have one solution for all sorts of concerns and can access, edit and share any knowledge via a single platform.
  • They can securely access corporate data at any time, anywhere and from any end device and work easily and efficiently with colleagues or even external parties.
  • Specific SharePoint knowledge is not required. Employees can work with a user-friendly solution at the click of a mouse and without IT support, and can adapt the standardised best-practice workspaces to their needs as required.

For companies

  • You get a proven, out-of-the-box software that only needs to be configured. The technical risk is therefore very low. A functional customer solution based on best-practice page structures and functionalities is available in a short time. If there is a desire for individualization, our solution offers the necessary flexibility.
  • Our self-service approach leads to more effective collaboration among employees, which is an important requirement especially for interdisciplinary tasks on projects, in workgroups or meetings, and can translate into a more efficient use of resources and increased productivity for companies.
  • Our solution enables optimal use of Microsoft Office 365 technologies and, thanks to its versatility (intranet, extranet, document management system, social communication tools, file servers, workflow engines, wikis, knowledge management tools), consolidates the existing IT infrastructure.