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The first thing you open in the morning and the last thing you close in the evening. CoffeeNet 365 is all in one:


Intranet with multimedia features for effective communication.

Enterprise social networking for collective informal discussions.


Virtual rooms for successful collaboration within and outside the organization.

Modern document management to ensure efficient  knowledge sharing.

An individual workspace and quick access area to increase personal productivity.

An intelligent search engine
for finding information
fast and easily.

Management consultancy
for successful user adoption throughout the organization.


CoffeeNet 365 is a browser-based app
that is integrated within Microsoft Office 365.

It is based on the unparalleled Microsoft cloud infrastructure with industry-strength accessibility, reliability, performance
and data security.

MondayCoffee commits to ongoing software updates
in line with Microsoft’s Office 365 tool updates.

Minimum system requirements for CoffeNet 365:
SharePoint Online.



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"Collaboration with our employees, our customers and our partners is in the focus of our company. BDOnet (CoffeeNet on premise) provides us with new opportunities to improve the way we communicate and collaborate. We can network easier, communicate more directly, find knowledge across department borders and share new knowledge in the organization with the click of a mouse." 

Werner Schiesser, CEO,
BDO Switzerland


"EmmiNet (CoffeeNet 365) is increasingly becoming the information source and knowledge network of our globally operating Corporation: Building teams, networking, communicating as directly as possible, disseminating information and finding knowledge - EmmiNet will help us to work more efficiently together and share relevant information quicker and with the right target groups. Engaging and supporting our employees is a key factor here. On the one hand it is they who are feeding this network with knowledge and information and, on the other hand, they can access the pool of shared knowledge. EmmiNet is the digital equivalent of a productive coffee corner."

Urs Riedener, CEO,
Emmi Group

CoffeNet 365 Customer Planzer

"FamilyTable - our name for CoffeeNet 365 - explains it very well. Our new way of working in shared digital work spaces and across boundaries increases our efficiency significantly. Employees can access all information in one place. We can now interact with each other very quickly thanks to the integration of modern communication tools such as Yammer and Skype. Our projects with customers and partners are implemented faster and in a more coordinated way. Last but not least, the FamilyTable also provides the latest news from the Planzer family and serves as a company-wide Intranet. CoffeeNet 365 fosters the motivation of our employees, ultimately benefiting our customers."

Peter Hagen, Leiter IT, Planzer


"The benefit of UsterNet (CoffeeNet on premise) lies in the realization of a new and more efficient working style and a much-improved communication across our global organization. Our data and information is more secure, our knowledge is centrally stored, easily shared and searchable with a very effective search engine. This overall improves our efficiency and effectiveness, our ability to innovate and results in an optimum quality of our products." 

Dr. Geoffrey Scott, Co-Chairman and former CEO,
Uster Technologies



How to implement CoffeeNet 365.

In the course of 10 years of collaboration projects, we have developed a standardized and proven implementation methodology for the deployment of CoffeeNet 365.

Go Live is just the start: working with users on the live system is the path. Successful user adoption, with professional user training is the ultimate goal.

We start, where others stop!