The challenge

Individual work is decreasing, teamwork is increasing. Teams are being built in a more dynamic way, are geographically dispersed and do often consist also of external members. Complexity is increasing, time is short and goals are becoming more challenging. Organizations need to simplify and promote working across borders and time zones to leverage the opportunities of effective, enterprise-wide collaboration in the digital age.

Our approach

We support companies in establishing a future-oriented collaboration culture. Customers benefit from our expertise and proven methodologies in deploying and implementing collaboration technologies. We use the technology to adapt the organization to the digital world and vice versa to achieve high user acceptance. This means that old processes do not turn into expensive old processes, but rather result in better collaboration thanks to a cultural change that has been brought about.

Our collaboration solution CoffeeNet 365

We have intelligently brought together everything that teams in companies need for digital collaboration in one software package for Office 365. The latest Office 365 functionalities and apps - including Microsoft Teams - are seamlessly integrated into the user experience. CoffeeNet 365 has a standardized best-practice structure and functionalities, as well as the necessary flexibility in its application. 


Teams select the appropriate workspace depending on the situation and adapt it to their needs. They can choose from ready-made, intuitive workspaces for functional, project- or product-related collaboration. The workspaces can be set up and managed by the teams themselves and do not require any IT support.

These companies use our solution for effective enterprise collaboration

We would be happy to show you how you can benefit from CoffeeNet 365.


That's how it works!


1. With a click of a mouse

Teams select ready-made, intuitive workspaces for functional, project-related or product-related collaboration based and open them up at the click of a mouse without IT support.

2. Ready-to-go

The online workspace contains a best-practice structure and functionalities that can be adapted as required. In this way, no unnecessary time is lost, but collaboration can begin immediately.

3. Controlled access

Internal and external team members can be invited via email, taking into account the defined access rights. No IT support is required for this. External collaboration is as easy as within the company.

4. All in one place

In the shared workspace, documents can be exchanged or edited at any time. Via chat, blog or news post teams keep everyone up to date and the integrated task list supports efficient project management.