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our founder and ceo about Coffeenet 365 and the future of collaboration in companies.


Effective Collaboration

  • Teams have everything they need to work with internal and external people in one place. Always, everywhere and from any device.
  • They choose between ready-made workspaces for functional, project-related or product-related collaboration depending on the situation.
  • The workspaces can be opened and managed by the teams with a mouse click. Without IT support.

Modern  Communication

  • The publishing of multilingual news (text, picture, video) can be done with just a few clicks. And the workforce can access company information at any time and from any location.
  • A cross-platform search simplifies and accelerates finding workspaces, documents, people and news.
  • Social enterprise networking is already integrated. If teams want to exchange information in real time via chat, this is done in the same place.

Sustainable knowledge exchange

  • Document management takes place by tagging in the designated workspaces.
  • Teams can work on files at the same time and share them with team members or externals in a controlled way.
  • Information or questions can be shared, asked and answered in real time via chat.

Digital education institutions

  • Students, teachers and administrators can exchange knowledge, store and share information at any time, easily and intuitively.
  • Virtual collaboration rooms are created for new classes, courses, commissions or resources by mouse click. Without IT support. But still in a controlled way.
  • The daily communication and finding of useful competences is very easy, even in complex institutions.

These clients are using CoffeeNet 365


CoffeeNet 365's features at a glance


Modern SharePoint Intranet with multimedia functions for effective communication.

Enterprise social networking for collective, informal discussions based on Microsoft Teams and Yammer.


Virtual workspaces for successful collaboration within and outside the organization.

Modern document management for efficient knowledge exchange.

Individual workspace and quick access area for increased productivity.

Intelligent search engine to find information quickly and easily.

Responsive Design.png

Responsive design for a user-friendly view on all end devices.

Management Consulting for successful user acceptance.

Your benefits

Standardized & scalable

Workspace templates
Templates for workspaces for every collaboration scenario bring efficiency and flexibility at the same time. 

Permissions concept
The uniform logic in the user access management meets the highest standards for internal & external collaboration.

Scalable and structured
The standards & powerful search enables easy handling of a high number of workspaces.

Flexible & versatile

Self-service for business
Every employee can set up and manage his or her own workspaces. Without IT support.

Working with everyone
Be it with colleagues from other locations or with external partners. At any time and from any device.

All in one
Effective collaboration, modern communication and sustainable knowledge sharing in one software.

User-friendly & efficient

Digital workplace for the future
Employees access information, tools and services in a controlled manner at all times and everywhere.

Clear design and layout
Employees can easily orientate themselves and quickly access the content relevant to them.

Relief for the IT department
For daily work, the business can operate the solution independently without specific Microsoft knowledge.

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